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Foreign trade personnel recruitment


Job Responsibilities:

1. Have the ability to develop the market, have unique insights to the development customers, and implement the company's foreign trade development plan;

2. Assist company leaders to develop and maintain overseas markets, seek and track foreign customers, and maintain old customers;

3. Participate in foreign trade cooperation negotiations and assist in establishing and maintaining foreign sales networks;

4. Do a good job in daily liaison and product consultation with foreign companies, manage relevant correspondence, documents, etc.;

5. Participate in various foreign trade exhibitions and explore and track intent customers;

6. Produce and improve all kinds of publicity materials of the company, and do all kinds of written and verbal translation work;

7. Complete other aspects of the company's foreign trade.


Job Requirements:

1. Mechanical professional English listening, speaking, reading and writing skills;

2, have experience in foreign trade sales, understand the relevant domestic and international laws and regulations are preferred;

3, with independent work ability, can adapt to overseas business trips, have a strong team spirit and resistance to stress;

4. Good professional ethics and strong language skills.

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