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Double-shaft mixer
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Product introduction

Product Introduction

The double-shaft mixer use the synchronous rotation of two symmetrical spiral shaft to add water and stir while conveying dry ash and other powdery materials to evenly humidify dry ash and powdery materials, so as to achieve the purpose of making the humidified materials no dry ash and no water, so as to facilitate the loading of humidified ash or transfer to other conveying equipment. It is mainly applicable to humidification of fly ash or similar materials in brick factory, cement factory, thermal power plant, mine and other industries.

It includes the first and second mixing shaft parallel to each other, mixing blades, and horizontal mixing barrel, described mixing blade from the first and second axial sides, and the axial equidistant is arranged in the circumferential direction in turn with a fixed angle: clockwise or counterclockwise differences, in the first and second on the stirring shaft of agitating vane respectively form rotate to the opposite spirally arranged; The first and second stirring axes rotate synchronously with each other and their blades cross through a plane determined by the axes of the first and second stirring axes; A feeding inlet is arranged on the top of one end of the stirring barrel, and an outlet is arranged on the bottom of the other end of the stirring barrel. With this structure, the mixing blade of the mixer will discharge the dry mortar from the inlet to the outlet while mixing the dry mortar, so as to realize the continuous production and effectively improve the production efficiency.


Technical Parameter:



Product name

Type,  Specification

Design capacity (t/h)

Main technical performance

  Double-shaft mixer



Center distance of inlet and outlet 2480mm, Blade diameter φ400mm Blade angle inlet 21°, Outlet 21°,  Speed of main shaft 48r/min ,  Moisture 15%

Double-shaft mixer



Suitable for powder material ,

Blade angle 18-21°,

Speed of main shaft :50r/min

Double-shaft mixer



Suitable for powder material ,

Blade angle 18-21°,

Speed of main shaft :50r/min

Double-shaft mixer



Suitable for powder material ,

Blade angle 0-21°

Speed of main shaft :48r/min

Double-shaft mixer



Center distance of inlet and outlet 2500mm,

Speed of main shaft : 36.5r/min 


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