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Production Introduction


The company adheres to the pioneering and innovative, realistic and pragmatic working style, and development strategy of "major equipment, high-end and complete sets". With a global perspective, we will strive to become an "Internationally renowned company in the field of mineral processing". With mining engineering design, technology and equipment research and development, equipment manufacturing, complete equipment and supply of a series of whole-process system integration services.


The mining preparation equipment manufactured by our company mainly includes apron feeder, semi-mobile crushing station, semi-autogenous mill, magnetic separator, jaw crusher, flotation machine, high-efficiency and energy-saving magnetic lining grinding machine, screw classifier, concentrator, ball mill, cycle crusher, cone crusher and other mining preparation process chain equipment.


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Our company has the most complete and advanced technology of ore analysis, crushing, grinding, preparation equipment and experimental equipment, with complete specifications of various forms of crushing, grinding and preparation equipment technology, fully equipped with mineral preparation equipment general contracting conditions.


At present, the company has the processing capacity of below 15 million tons/year of ferrous metal and non-ferrous metal ore process design and complete equipment supply capacity. Our company have developed semi-autogenous mill the specification more than Φ9000mm which use for large scale concentrator with annual output above 10 million tons, and specifications more than Φ6700 mm of large complete sets of equipment of ball mill and grinding.

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