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Product introduction

Product Introduction

With the unprecedented development of the international steel market, the demand for blast furnace raw materials in the market develops rapidly. In addition to the great increase in the demand for sintering raw materials, the demand for pellet raw materials and pellet ore also increases with the development of blast furnace charge structure. The proportion of pellets in the total output also keeps increasing. The further increase in the demand for pellets in the international market has also promoted the scale of pellets production to become larger.

Our company has designed and manufactured complete equipment for sintering pellets for more than 30 years. Since 1990s, on the basis of digestion and absorption of advanced technology, we have provided sintering pellet equipment for domestic steel giants company, which has established the leading position of our company in this field.


Technical parameter:

According to the production process of sintering, our company mainly produces sintering machine, strong mixer, and ring cooler, etc. According to the pelletizing production process, our company mainly produces moistening mill, pelletizing disc, rotary kiln and ring cooler. The product line includes 600,000 tons, 1.2 million tons, 2.4 million tons and 5 million tons of main engine equipment.


Main equipment: Sintering machine, including the specification of 180m2, 240 m2, 360 m2, 480 m2.

Moistening mill, including Φ 3.2×5.4 m and Φ 3.5×6.2 m two series of products.

Pelletizing disc, including Φ6m、Φ7.5m and Φ8.5m three series of products.

Rotary kiln, including Φ4×30m, Φ5×35m, Φ6.1×40m, Φ6.96×52m and derivatives with the same diameter.

Ring cooler, including 50 m2, 69 m2, 150 m2, 248 m2 and ring cooler series for 4 large pellets.

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