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Product introduction

Product Introduction

The combined separator is mainly used as the classifying equipment in the closed circuit system of raw material grinding in cement plant and can also be used as the classifying equipment of other non-metallic mineral powder.

There are two parts of material feed into the separator, most of material feed into separator from feeding inlet, and through the discharging chute 1 divided material into 4 channels, from point 4 feed material to the spreading plate on the top of 5, with the rotation of the rotor 5, the spreading plate will scatter the materials falling on it to all sides, hit the wall and fall into the separation zone. Under the joint action of the separation airflow and rotor rotation, the material is sorted. Qualified materials enter the rotor with air flow and enter cyclone tube 13 through air outlet 3. The cyclone tube will collect finished materials and discharge them through outlet 12.The exhaust gas enters the system dust collector through the top exit 14 of the cyclone tube. The unqualified material is collected by the inner cone 7 of the separator, and enters between the inner and outer cones through the annular exit between the inner cone and the impact cone 9. The coarse powder (unqualified material) is discharged by the return outlet 11 after the re-cleaning by the updraft. The other part of the material is carried by the air flow and enters the separator from the inlet 10. At first, it hits the impact cone and is forced to change direction. At the same time, the air flow speed is reduced rapidly, and then the material with larger particle size loses kinetic energy and falls into coarse powder. The remaining parts continue to rise through the guide blade 6 into the sub-selection for re-sorting.


Technical Parameter:



Product name



Design capacity (t/h)

Main technical performance

Dynamic combined separator



Raw Material Grinding 90-110

Treatment air volume:150000m3/h, Maximum feed 250t/h, Main shaft speed 120-210r/min, Residue on sieve 10%

Dynamic combined separator



Raw Material Grinding 110-140

Treatment air volume:170000-200000m3/h, Pressure difference between inlet and outlet 3.6KPa, Main shaft speed 100-210r/min, Residue on sieve 10%

Combined separator



Raw Material Grinding 75

Treatment air volume:108000-125000m3/h

(90℃), Main shaft speed 57-286r/min、

80μm Residue on sieve 12-14%

Combined V-Type separator



Slag pre-sorting


Treatment air volume: 20000-30000m3/h, Pressure difference between inlet and outlet 2.2KPa, Main shaft speed 180-292r/min, 0.5 Residue on sieve 10%, Maximum feed 60t/h

Combined separator



Cement sorting


Treatment air volume:30000-40000m3/h, Maximum feed d 90t/h,  Pressure difference between inlet and outlet 3.8KPa, Main shaft speed 260-338r/min,

specific surface area 4500


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